December 11⁠

The December 11th date

will feature these Black Women Vendors: ⁠⁠

Perfectly Cordial Rhonda pursued her passion to create Perfectly Cordial, a fresh fruit cocktail mixer that combines global spices and a proprietary herbal blend inspired by her childhood in South Florida. Rhonda is an educator and bar consultant, amplifying the histories and flavors of distilled spirits and craft cocktails. Click to learn more about her company.

Effie’s Paper:: Stationery&Whatnot

Kalyn created Effie’s Paper:: Stationery&Whatnot as a way to showcase her belief: The Future Is Female. A lifestyle brand, Effie’s Paper is a differentiator that shares in the empowerment of women who are fueling the world. Click to learn more about her company.

Angel's Essence Tenesha McCulloch is the owner and creator of Angel’s Essence, a natural skincare line dedicated to creating products for sensitive skin. She started Angel’s Essence in 2015, but had been making skincare products for over 10 years before starting her own business. Something as simple as an eczema crème wound up turning into such a passion, and that passion turned into her own business. Click to learn more about her company.

Harper + Charlotte Handmade Books Write your dreams down and watch them come true. That's how Carla started with Harper + Charlotte. These makes handmade books and journals are made to inspire your writing experience. From folding to gluing, to stitching, our books are all handcrafted. All our books are limited runs, so you know your book is one of a few! Click to learn more about her company.

Mahogany Brown Candle Co.

Mahogany Brown Candle Co. is a black woman, and Veteran owned business hand-poured in Grayson, GA. Established in 2020, Deloyce, the owner, is a mother and a US Army Veteran. She is a self-proclaimed "candle connoisseur" who prior to becoming a chandler, spent a small fortune to find and burn good-smelling candles. She is a firm believer that scents are the triggers to memories, relaxation, comfort, and promotes anxiety reduction. Click to learn more about her company.

Aya Donna As a child, Adi participated in West African dance—after nearly a decade of separation, she was reintroduced to West African dance in 2010 and embedded in a community full of creative inspiration. The rhythms, movement, culture, community, and colorful garments lit the flame that would soon after be called Aya Donna. Click to learn more about her company.

Copper and Brass Paper Goods Ariel cultivated a love for all things paper, details and pretty little things. While some teens work their first jobs as a babysitter or in fast food, Ariel wrapped gifts in a department store. Ariel started Copper & Brass Paper Goods in 2017 after noticing a lack of diversity in the paper goods industry. She started with wrapping paper and put her company on the map with a Black Santa gift wrap. From there, her business grew to an assortment of office supplies featuring Black imagery. Click to learn more about her company.

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