December 18

The December 18th date

will feature these Black Women Vendors: ⁠⁠


After a decade-long career in fine-dining, Auzerais launched Blondery in November of 2014 and sold over 500 orders of her pecan and salted caramel blondies in two weeks. Her goal is to reshape the world of fine dining by giving opportunities for advancement to people who are notoriously marginalized within the food industry. Click to learn more about her company.


Wendy Berry & Eugenia Marshal are no strangers to ensuring that they are taking care of every part of their body. Every part. conditionHER is moisturizing cream that has been scientifically formulated for external intimate area. It helps reduce the appearance of ingrown hair, soothe irritation from chafing & razor burn, without disrupting healthy vaginal flora & pH levels. Click to learn more about their company.


Stephanie Dean is the founder and creator of Stepstitches & the 2020 BFABW Project Grant Winner. She creates high-quality handmade goods to delight and inspire customers.Cinnamon Annie Dolls® are a delightful modern version of the beloved classic Raggedy Ann Doll. Click to learn more about her company.

SamCol By Hicks Inspired by her children, Stevie Hicks created SamCol by Hicks™️ as a way to sells fun & funky enamel pins, stylish literature, invigorating prose, and novelty items for the seen and unseen reading connoisseur. The goal? To enhance the luxury of owning fashion pieces and great books that keep you poppin’ and well read. Click to learn more about her company.


Stretch, relax, and get ready to take off. That’s a mantra that Flex-n-fly founder, Youmie Jean Francois shares with the world through her company Flex-N-Fly. Flex-N-Fly is a wellness company that make products and provides yoga classes for the minimalist traveler on the go. With eco-friendly machine washable mats, you’ll never miss a chance to exhale again. Click to learn more about her company.

Cobalt Honey Skincare

Alycia Washington is a veterinarian with a passion for beauty and honey bees. She combined these interests to create Cobalt Honey Skincare - a line that combines goodies from the hive with clinical ingredients to provide clean, effective skincare. Click to learn more about her company

Copper and Brass Paper Goods Ariel cultivated a love for all things paper, details and pretty little things. While some teens work their first jobs as a babysitter or in fast food, Ariel wrapped gifts in a department store. Ariel started Copper & Brass Paper Goods in 2017 after noticing a lack of diversity in the paper goods industry. She started with wrapping paper and put her company on the map with a Black Santa gift wrap. From there, her business grew to an assortment of office supplies featuring Black imagery. Click to learn more about her company..

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